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We are in the Business of Dyes since 1991 and among the first in India to enter into the production of Dyes. Mr. Kamlesh Bhai Parsana, who pioneered and inspired the spectacular growth of his enterprise, played a leading role in establishing Gopal Chemicals (vaidik group).

We were a very small distributor of Eco-Friendly Chemical Dyes Manufacturers, Textile Chemical Dyes Manufacturers. From research and developments to standardization's and from productions to sales, we did it all in these years. We stood our ground even in the toughest times. We had a profitable business even when other companies in this domain found it hard to sustain. Today, we are a large and leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Eco-Friendly Chemical Dyes, Reactive Dyes Manufacturers in India , Vinyl Sulphone Base Dyestuff Manufacturers, Cyanuric Chloride Base Dyestuff Manufacturers, Bi-Functional Type Dyestuff Manufacturers, Hot Dyes Manufacturers, Cold Dyes Manufacturers, Synthetic Organic Dyes Manufacturers, Salt-Free Dyes/ Ro Dyes Manufacturers, Reactive Ink Manufacturers, HE Dyes Manufacturers, ME Dyes Manufacturers Our products made from the finest materials, are exported globally for use in many industry segments like art & craft, textile. We learned a lot over the years and are still learning to deliver innovative products and services to our customers.


"We at Gopal Chemicals are committed to meet and exceed our customers' requirements through continual improvement in all the aspects of work & effective implementation of the Quality Management System".

"Customer satisfaction is the only way to succeed"

We are having fully fledged laboratory-cum-research & development centre. Continuous research work is carried out by the scientists and chemists for the further improvement of the new products.

We also have a pilot plant wherein the products successfully set in the laboratory are developed here before it is taken in for the actual commercial Production.


All the company's activities are carried out considering the awareness for the safety and environmental protection. All processing in the plant conforms to the most rigorous safety standard. We care for the safety of each & every employee. We make sure that they are well looked after. We also make sure that they receive proper monetary and other benefits according to their capabilities and according to the law in force.

Last but not least, we are totally aware of the fact that in today's condition, our duties towards the environment cannot be neglected. if environment is well protected and can be taken due care, our own children and future generation will get most of the benefits and will always remember us for our efforts made towards the betterment of the environment. At the processing stage, effluent is properly treated within the factory. Norms specified by the pollution control board are gardening purpose. So, with clean & green environment, in & around the company, we are fulfilling our Social responsibility. We are also preparing ourselves for AN ISO 9001:2000.


All the products we are manufacturing are from the very basic stage. This ensures that we are not depending much on others so that during the scarcity of raw materials also, our production is not affected. Not only this, starting from the very basic stage, under the rigid quality control, ensures the consistency in the quality of the final product and it also makes the final product highly cost effective and economical.

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