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Quality Policy

Pillars of our Quality Policy:

That this group would somehow form a family that's the way we all became the Brady Bunch apartment in the sky moving on up to the east side a family to explore strange new worlds.

  • High Solubility

    Dye solubility is a very important parameter to the dye chemist and a number of practical measurement methods of it have been evaluated. Our manufactured Dyes have best solubility percentage.

  • Easily Applicable

    Application of our manufactured dyes is very easy and is a result of deep analysis and knowledge gained over 30 years in the industry.

  • Colour Accuracy

    Working in the industry since 30+ years we have achieved pinnacle in colour accuracy and in matching shades.

Quality Policy

Usefull Topics:

These are Vinyl Sulphone based Reactive Dyes widely used for dyeing and printing of cellulosic materials for its all round fastness properties.
The salient features of these dyes are:
i) Good Solubility even in presence of alkali
ii) Substantive in presence of salt and alkali otherwise less substantive dyes.
iii) Good all round fastness properties.
iv) Can be applied both by exhaust and padding methods.
v) Suitable for dyeing and printing cellulosic material.
vi) Suitable for resist & discharge styles of printing.
vii) Possesses less affinity hence imparts very good leveling properties.
These dyes are applied to the cellulosic material by exhaust method at 60°-65°C. temp

These dyes are highly reactive and are generally applied in cold or mild conditions of application. These dyes have very good reactivity and affinity for the cellulosic portion of cotton. These dyes are applied under mild alkaline condition or ambient temperature of 25-30°C. These are branded as Cold Brand Dyes. These dyes possess very good reactivity and fastness properties.

These are comparatively less reactive dyes and are employed under strong alkaline conditions at high temperature of application compared to Reactive M dyes. These are named as Hot Brand Dyes. Because of less reactivity and very good substantivity these dyes are employed for printing and dyeing. These dyes possess very good allround fastness properties to wash, perspiration, light etc. These high performance dyes which can save on costs and are highly productive particularly for the textile printers. Their technical simplicity, versatility and reliability together with all round fastness properties enable a printer with a wide variety of brilliant shades. These are high substantive, less reactive & (as compared to reactive M Brand) low affinity dyes

These are bi-functional dyes possessing very good exhaustion and are dyeable at 60°C temperature hence a real energy saving high exhaust dye with excellent all round fastness properties compared to conventional Reactive Dyes.
These dyes have advantage of high exhaustion, high fixation, high alkali stability, very good leveling property, excellent all round fastness properties to agencies like light, washing, perspiration, rubbing, chlorine & peroxide bleach.
These dyes can be applied to the cellulosic materials by exhaust and padding methods


With best-in-class product quality, we also prefer best-in-class packaging for our products